Atlanta Foam Fabricators is working to preserve and recycle.

Atlanta Foam has recycled for over 3 decades!

That is correct.

For more than 30 years Atlanta Foam Fabricators has recycled all of its excess Urethane Foam. These trimmed off pieces from our die presses, water jet cutters, and routers are compacted and then shipped off to a carpet pad manufacturer for processing.

This padding is the result of grinding this scrap foam and then bonding it into a unified block. This new ‘bun’ is then trimmed down into sheets that we are all familiar as carpet padding.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

In 2007, Atlanta Foam Fabricators made a decision to continue the tradition of ‘keeping our scrap foam out of landfills.

Polyethylene scrap foam has long been a point of frustration for Atlanta Foam due to its inability to be processed for recycling at the point of post fabrication. As a bulky-lightweight item it was not cost effective for shipping to a recycling facility. We used a densifier to shred and melt scrap foam into logs to be sent to recyclers.

In 2018, we partnered with Poly-Green to recycle our Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam into playground underlayment. This represents a significant leap forward in our ability to achieve our goal of recycling 100% of our scrap foam. Prior to this partnership, XLPE was one of the materials that was very difficult to recycle so, like Polyurethane, we have found a company that can repurpose our scrap to make a new product.

In 2019, we have upgraded our recycling capabilities with a Greenmax Melter.

With this machine, we can melt our scrap Polyethylene and Beaded Polyethylene into “bricks” and send them to recyclers. We are excited to step into a new method of recycling that allows us to recycle even more of our material than before!

At Atlanta Foam Fabricators, we are dedicated to shrinking our carbon footprint and being a part of the solution to reducing landfill waste.