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 from our customers:
"Randy has been very helpful, courteous, responsive and forgiving. Whenever we need a quote Randy has been quick to respond and willing to work with the information that we provide."
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Customer Testimonials

Atlanta Foam Fabricators Frequently Asked Questions

From our customers:

• Project Dialogue, Correspondence from Customer:

Correspondence from Customer

I had an appointment this morning with (company name removed) in regard to the above referenced projects. They had some adjustments and changes… using velcro and include a bungee cord to secure the different layers. I am not familiar with this particular process, so I hope you have had experience with this and can provide me what they want. … They have requested a sample of the complete design, which will probably be a good idea to make sure we are giving them exactly what they want. … the aforementioned changes of adding some material to be able to sonic weld the bottom and the sides … I am having both tote sizes sent to you for the samples. Please
let me know if you have any questions or need any clarifications. Thanks for your help.
- Customer"


"I have lots of experience in packs very similar to these. In fact I have patented a particular way of assembling partitions to pads. So no worries I will get to work right away on designing the changes and getting you samples and new pricing ASAP.

2nd Correspondence from Customer

I have great confidence that you will stay within your normal business practice and supply me something that will be better than expected. Thanks for your continued support!
- Customer"

• A note sent to Randy McCorkle, VP, from a customer:

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to come down to see us. We really appreciate everything that Atlanta Foam and you have been able to do for us and look forward to a very long relationship.

I had talked to you a little bit today about an instance where I needed something pushed thru and Craig had told me it would be 15 working days because it had to be routed and it was a little longer process. While he was originally able to push it up, he just sent me the e-mail below saying it would not be able to ship until tomorrow. The reason I am even bringing this up is just to point out the positive. I know it is a lot easier to always point out the negative, but in this instance, it really is positive. Even though my customer can't get what they want as quickly as they want it, I am able to forward this e-mail I received from Craig to let the customer know ahead of time. The customer doesn't have to call me tomorrow, in a panic, asking
why they didn't get their foam like promised, Craig has already sent out the warning ahead of time. That is so beyond helpful that I can't even express my gratitude for this and all of the little things that you and your people do to make my job so much easier. Again, thank you for your time and everything that you do for us!!
- Customer"

• A note sent to Roger Goodstein, Sales Manager, from a customer:

I have had the pleasure of working with Randy McCorkle for the past 6 to 8 months and I just wanted to pass along a few thoughts about him. Randy has been very helpful, courteous, responsive and forgiving. Whenever we need a quote Randy has been quick to respond and willing to work with the information that we provide. He had been forgiving when we have been demanding in turn around time and quality and consistency in product.

He has been helpful and courteous when I call with questions or concerns about orders and delivery times. When we have given less than adequate time for an order to be completed he has made every effort to meet our deadlines (even when they may be unreasonable).

When a customer had a problem with an order recently Randy was quick to follow up and have actions ready to make corrections where needed and revised samples where required.

I have been a distributor for over 8 years and have rarely run across a person so willing to work with you and so willing to help as Randy. Please let him know that he is very appreciated by us in our office!! I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with Randy and Atlanta Foam in the future.